About Us

First and Foremost, Let me personally welcome you to The Unknown Merchant!!  We Appreciate YOU taking time to visit! Located in Central North Carolina, The Unknown Merchant was created to not only Make Life More Fun, but to make it as Exciting and Enjoyable as possible. Specializing in Novelty, Gadgets, and Gag Gifts, The Unknown Merchant is a place where things like Loyalty, Honesty, Respect, Laughter, and Friendship are very much a part of our culture.  A place where you can let go of the chaos, confusion, and uncertainties that sometimes accompany life. A place where you can relax and take time to recharge. A place to bring balance. A place YOU can Be Happy. In other words, The Unknown Merchant isn’t just another online store, but a State of Mind, an Ideology. It’s Permission to have fun, be content, and Most Importantly, Just Be You! Whether you’re shopping for Yourself or your Loved Ones, if you visit our shop and leave with a smile on your face, we’re succeeding with our Mission, and for that, We Humbly Thank You.

Thanks for Stopping By!

Sincerely Yours,


The Unknown CEO